About Little Things and Project Based Learning

I finally gave into the idea of having a blog after years of being in my mind. What a relief!

I decided to create a blog to experiment, to open another dimension to my life, another dimension to my mind. I guess I’ve become mature enough to want to express my ideas with you, after all, it is my last year of high school. Its not that I’m a pompous ass that thinks thinks that the contents of his mind are especially important, so  Little Things is purely experimental.

Little Things was born out of thinking, thinking about, well… little things..  The details  that today’s fast life does not allow us to see. I believe that the true content in life lies within those small details; they allow you too see things from a different perspective, they allow for deep thought, something that I find enjoyable. Little Things serves a dual purpose.

Shortly after publishing my first few posts, my school decided to include webpages into its curriculum. I am required to have a webpage to display work and to blog about assignments so Little Things will have personal thought-based posts and school related posts. My school  adopted project based learning as its curriculum. We replaced tests, homework, lectures, and the majority of text books with semester long projects and incredible amounts of research. We no longer get spoon fed by our teacher, we find our own information, decide whether it helps us and internalize it.

My education is very important to me, so I have become passionate about project based learning. Therefore, Little Things serves three purposes. (1) As the hub for school work. (2) To display my experience and opinions about project based learning. (3) My passion for writing and my thoughts on life and other Little Things.

I feel bad for having three topic in one blog, but I will do for now.

So I am here to share my thoughts, the thoughts that stem from the Small Things in life.

Enjoy. Please.


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