About Author

 Finally, I set forth my plan to create a blog after a few years of having the idea in my mind. It must be the new atmosphere I am in, for this is my last year of high school and adulthood looms over the horizon. Perhaps this pressured me to create something of my own.

I am Salvadoran born and raised until I was 13 years old. I believed those years were enough to forge a unique personality, a personality that is only found in that small country of Central America. I hope to convey such personality, and thus the personality of my people. I hope that this  will in turn give you another perspective of the world. A perspective to add to the many you posses.

I have high expectations for my self, perhaps I will become a Neurosurgeon, or perhaps a successful writer. That is up to the decisions I make in the future such as the college I attend, the accomplishments during my college years and how my personality changes during my years in college. At this point, my future, is a blurry mess with a small clear spot in the center. There my goal is portrayed clearly.

Read and follow me into my adventure.

Thanks for reading.


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