Why are we doing this?

Project based learning pushes me to my limits both academically and emotionally; I’ve worked more this year than in any other year despite of having experienced traditional high school, college classes and Advanced Placement classes. I’ve mentioned this to my teachers and to people I meet and ask where I go to school and  I cannot emphasize enough how great and insightful my experience with project based learning has been so far.


In retrospect my teachers are perfect and fit perfectly with our project based learning model, group work brings enough challenges and the research and analysis that I do everyday are worth every single cry of help. We complain all the time about how our teachers change their plans, how our groups are no where near perfect, and how note card research is boring, but from afar all that we do will be worth it in the end.

Group work is extremely taxing. Humans are different and unique from one an other; I sometimes want to work as fast as I can while others want to take their time, and our ideas differ all the time. Individuality brings giant challenges that are really hard to make work, but they are useful challenges that will help us when go out to the real world and to have a real job. Project based learning does not only bring the safety of the classroom, it brings a real world experience.

Having the freedom to choose my own topic and having the freedom to manage how to project goes is really fun! Having this freedom is refreshing and great, but it has a dark side. Having this freedom creates alot of work (busy busy busy) it;s necessary work. It’s worth it. Having this freedom has allowed us to develop a deep and interesting project!

This interesting project required research. We learned how to research the right way! The research methods we used will carry on to my college years! Not only that, but the way we research helps us internalize the information.

This project not only kept us incredibly busy and challenges, it brings us skills needed to survive in the real world in college and in a job.

Best school year of my life so far!



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