The vlogging aspect of life, and PBL

Hi again,

If you’re not familiar with vlogging, its a video blog. Literally, its a visual representation of what could be written!vlogging

I just think it’s a bit more artistic and creative. I know that there are people who can work wonders with the written language, but I don’t consider my self one of them. I can write about what happens during my days. I can reflect upon my experiences with project based learning. I can write about how a person feels about PBL and the ways in which my school uses it. I think that my writing lacks emotions. I hope that the vlogs will enhance your experience by giving you what my writing cannot! I certainly wont make them redundant. I will also add my daily life to the vlogs.

That is the reason why I’m starting a video blog for Little Things. I want to write about PBL to show you my objective, analytic thoughts. I want to vlog to show you what it looks like; the anger, frustration, the happiness and successes. Vlogs  bring out more emotions(IMO.)

The most important reason why I’m starting a vlog on YouTube is because I want you to see PBL and my life through my eyes! Its a different perspective on PBL and life, and diversity matters.

The vlogs will come once every week on Wednesdays! Check them out! (as soon as I upload them I will post them here as well)

Thanks again!



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