Delays, Delays, and How my group Overcomes them.

Hey, once more today,

I am writing yet an other school related blog entry… but with a twist! That’s right! I’m picking up blogging once again as a hobby. I have more time now, as school, life, and other time consuming related activities cease to bother me! Please, don’t get me wrong. Great things have come from those time consuming activities like admissions to college, college classes and scholarships!

I digress… let me get back into the point. motivation002

Do you remember a couple of months ago when I began talking about that great project based learning “semester-long project?” That one project I was so excited about? The one that would prove to me that project based learning was for me, and a great way of teaching?

We are near the finish line; we have about one month left to complete the project. I could not be any happier!  This project has proved truly challenging and engaging. Let me explain why?

First, our teachers realized that by in large, the school’s population did not have the skills necessary to engage in the project. Second, they took nearly a month to cram as many research skills as they could into our brains. Third, once we got started on the project, the students took longer than expected to complete goals due to our low skill level.

All of these problems caused delays after delays after delays and then stress; stress made everyone hate each other…

I get the feeling that my school does not know how to handle project based learning related stress very well.

For example:

  1. Teachers went first. 
  2. Then the lower class men and women. Drama began, and angry kids ran wild.
  3. The upper class men and women went last. The majority of us just stop caring and became lethargic.

Yea, all of this almost made the entire project grind to a halt at the student level.

Hey! I’m still happily writing about it! That means the project of our school project based learning curriculum is alive. We have about one month left and we are powering through trying to regain momentum.

My group stepped up it’s game just as expected. I’d like to think that we were unaffected by the stress as a whole. Individually, not so much. It was the inner pressure just as if we were a Prince Rupert’s Drop.

There are still some problems that are causing some delays in my group. Some of our group members are not carrying their weight properly. There needs to be group wide sense of urgency that might propel those slacking into production. If this does not happen, we might end up doing twice as much work in the next step. We also need to monitor more closely the quality of every individual’s work. Quality research is necessary!

There are no other problems we need to adress in our group. The problems, if any will become visible in about a week.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget that there are YouTube vlogs coming!


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