My Sub Driving Question Bias.

092612_five_media_640Bias is an interesting thing when it comes to doing research. It’s difficult to avoid it. I kid you not, I have had the same thought regarding climate change for years and I may unconsciously chose which articles to read which not to read. It’s a crazy thing, but I am more than sure it happens to me. I try to compensate whenever I can.

What are the most significant causes and effects of climate change and what are the most appropriate responses?

I believe and have believed for a long time that climate change is happening, its irreversible and it will affect everyone in one way or an other over the next 100 years. I am a firm believer that due to socio political and economic problems, this world will not be able to substantially mitigate greenhouse emissions.

My group had difficulty formulating an unbiased question because most of us share similar ideas and a similar bias. Thankfully we were able to create a sub driving question that is well balanced. The only bias I can detect is that it aknowledges the fact that Climate Change does exist.

I’m curious. I wonder how this question will change over time.


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