Group Management: Human Problems

The project started and it is now on its course to becoming one of the most meaningful school related experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve taken advanced placement courses, college courses on subjects I am interested in, I’ve had amazing teachers, but non of these surpass the level of immersion that project based learning brings to my academic life. It’s more challenging than any test I’ve ever taken. Test’s only require studying and some form of understanding of the subject, but project based learning requires more than just understandind  It requires skills that one does not have from the start, but that develop along the way. I am not only learning the material but also researching skills, project management and the worst and most difficult of all group management. Group management  is one of the most challenging areas of PBL. It’s essentially a human problem. We are so unique and different from one an other that working together seamlessly is incredibly difficult.

My group does manage to get things finished well and quickly. We have developed good communication skills. We have learned to delegate fairly and efficiently, but there are certainly ways to improve. We don’t always work well together as humans. We have disagreements in which some one eventually gets “shut down”.  Someone parts away from the group and refuses to contribute to the group for the rest of the day. This can be detrimental because everyone’s perspective on the subject is important. This will all be amended in time. We grow by the minute and learn how to communicate and work things out as a group at incredible amounts of speed.

It is known that a well managed group works well and efficiently, and i can already see that the group that I belong in will succeed.


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