About our sub driving question.

The driving questions has finally been decided. We shed tears , we shed seat, valuable time was consumed, and my fountain pen ink was spent. It was a painful and tedious process. Our creation, although slightly cliche and wildly debated, it is interesting and deep. It requires a subjective hand, and a critical mind. How will we answer this question successfully? Only time will be able to tell you. In the mean time, I can only show you the question.

What are the most significant causes and effects of climate change and what are the most appropriate responses?

The answer is multifaceted and research intensive.

This questions if politically heavy. It is wildly contested among scientists and politicians in almost every developed country and by international organizations.  The answer is hidden not only in scientific and statistical data  but also in the thousands of articles written by reporters, politicians, scholars, and the rest of the world whom enjoys freedom of speech. The product of these debates give us something natural about or global society. We are far more aware of this problem. We have developed a sense of global unity. We learn while reading and synthesize our own opinion political and scientific opinions. We learn how to debate. Most importantly, we become more united with every effort to mitigate climate change.

Every politically heavy topic is bound to have different opinions. Sadly, those who manage our world have different opinions as well. The globalization with this topic creates global tension. Globalization it self creates problems that surpass the topic of climate change.

We do not possess every single set of skills that answering this questions requires. We will struggle with every article and scientific journal we read, but these obstacles will teach us everything we need to know. If we successfully answer this questions with our own formulated opinions, and with confidence we will be able to present it.



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