Day one: back into the game.

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted! I   apologize. There was no room in my mind for posts and I’m not the one who forces himself to write. Now, I’m back into the loop!

We have started our project and I must say it’s more difficult than we imagined it. We were not dropped into this project the same way we were dropped into project based learning. We were instead eased in by a mock up mini project. That project was easy, the real one is difficult and at this moment it is most tedious. There are group management problems, topic problems, bench mark problems and all that goodness that comes with real life. The good thing is that it is immersible and it seems to me that everyone in my class is involved and interested in one way or an other!

Good Day.

Good Day.

This immersion was seen since the first day. The school was bustling with newly made groups, and everything went according to plan.

There were not many difficulties, work was streamlined quickly, and my group was one of the firsts to finish. In my opinion our first day project was impeccable and well organized. My group was easy to work with and did what they had to do well to some extent.

I felt productive and I left the school feeling well.  This project did not start feeling overwhelming, complex, difficult and frustrating until the day after. I changed groups and entered a new group dynamic.


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