An other pbl assignment- Five Ideas for Progress.

Here it is, yet an other “is progress worth the price” assignment. I have to discuss five areas of progress I believe must occur in the next 20 years to ensure a decent future for me, my families, and my friends. It promises to be the last blog post that is focused on a school assignment for the next month or so! That means more time for me to write my experiences and opinions about PBL!  This doesn’t mean that this assignment is useless, it helps us brainstorm possible topics with which to answer “is progress worth the price.” It’s an other tool to help us complete the project successfully. The semester-long project will start next week and I have no topic to focus in yet. It will have 20 benchmarks to complete and I still have no topic. It’s panic time! I beg my brain that it will come up with a topic after a this assignment.

 “discuss five areas of progress you believe must occur in the next 20 years to ensure a decent future for you, your families, and your friends.”

  1. Find a cure for various mental illnesses: I have a cousin who suffers with schizophrenia. It affects his immediate family and the rest of the family to some form or an other. Although his illness is not utterly detrimental to the integrity of my family, a cure would be beneficial. I  have a desire to study the field of psychology and neurology so finding a cure for certain mental illness would make for a lifetime of busy work for my self and my peers. This would make my future more than decent for more than just my family and friends but for those who would benefit from my work.
  2. Taking into account my future family, colleagues and friends is important when thinking about this topic. Personally I feel that I need to complete my education which will be either a Masters degree,     Ph. D or M.D. Yes, I have high expectations for my future, so I need to educate my self as much as possible to be able to provide my family and friends a good life. I don’t need money to have a decent life, I only need to feel accomplished and know that I did my best to provide my family with the best.
  3. Lets take a less self centered view and focus on the world and this country. The world is full of flaws and I’ll leave the “I want world peace” to the to-be models in beauty pageants. My family, my future children and the children of this country need better education. The United Stadian government needs to prioritize education. Children are the future of society and it seems to me that this country is falling behind compared to other developed country’s level of education. The corporations running the government can’t see past their noses stuffed with hundred dollar bills.
  4. I don’t want to delve with politics or economics too much, but that is the problem with this world. We need to abandon capitalism.
  5. The problems in this world will most likely get worse before it gets better. We are in the verge of wanting to reform The United States, but we’re sitting still right near the line. It will take a major downturn in society for the masses to wake up and force a change in economy, politics, etc. Major changes almost always happen during times of unrest. I need that unrest to happen before I start a family.

    I've been forced to use both...

    I’ve been forced to use both…

This is a brief summary of my worries for the future and a brief overview of the machinery inside my head which looks like like the photo in this moment.

Yes, that is what PBL does to my brain. I’m forced to be creative and a logical workaholic at times.

The extent in which I’ve explored my mind here are not possible in traditional school. I’m grateful I get to experience project based learning first hand and I’m grateful to have you following my every step. Without you, I would merely be typing words to appease my advisors (teachers).

Thank you for reading!


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