Changing to Project Based Learning and First Assignment

Little Thing’s blog posts are a mixed bag, Its posts are never about the exact same topic. I believe that it is time to switch to a more tangible focus, and there is no better focus than project based learning. This does not mean that I will no longer write about random posts that express exactly what is in my mind, but the majority of the content will be about project based learning. Little Things will become my project based learning hub, the place in which I will post my projects and assignments for you to read. This should make Little Things your window into project based learning from a student’s perspective.

To “kick start” this transition I will share with you my first web based assignment.  The assignment asks us to  convey what I feel it is important for an effective project group such as individual skills, the optimum number of group members and needed roles. Then I have to name who in my school is a good candidate to work in my group for my next semester-long project and convince my teachers to add whoever I named as good candidates to my group. If I don’t succeed, my teachers may add whomever they want to my team.

Group Work by Ruth Merryman

My group NEEDS to be efficient and well balanced. My optimal group needs to be composed of four people who specialize in one thing, but  can perform well in other areas.  (1) I need someone who is best at critical thinking. Someone who can synthesize the thoughts of the group into a cohesive thought or idea. (2) I need a writer. Everyone needs to know how and write constantly, but someone has to be the editor to convey thought in writing. (3) I also need an illustrator to create either digital or physical works of art that show the group’s work. The visual art product need to be aesthetically pleasing. (4) Most importantly, I need a prominent leader, someone who can bring order. Not all teenagers are belligerent and energetic, but I need a leader to put those who are belligerent and energetic in task. However, like I mentioned before, my group members need to write well, they all need to critically think, and need to be able to be self motivated enough to conduct their own ideas. Most importantly, they have to be able to be good at public speaking. The group needs to be balanced enough to function as a direct democracy; no one will work less and no one will work more.

My desired candidates are: Colton Townsend, Desirae Barboza, Kyer Huffstuter, Sino Phoung, Brandon Dellinger, Heather Hernandez, Austin Slyh, Nathan Bostaph, and Lesley Valencia.

Colton Townsend: Colton’s well rounded skills and youthful energy balance a group’s set of skills and productivity levels. He has a youthful energy that sets the group’s mood right from the start. His set of skills and friendly attitude toward most things make a perfect addition to any group.

Desirae Barboza: She is a critical thinker, and someone who scrutinizes most things. She is my girlfirned and I know that you this is a bad thing, but we know each other so well that I can pin point the advantage of working together.  She can and will question me often, and I care about what she thinks about me enough; I often second guess my self when I am around her. I think she will bring this to my group if we work together. She might be able to question the group’s decision making the group revise the decision and most times improve it. Her opinions are often invaluable and add depth to a group’s work. I think that our unity will work as an advantage rather than a distraction and a disadvantage. She bring balance to my life, and will bring balance to my group.

Kyer Huffstuter: He is the public speaking fire power of a group. He is able to not only memorize a speech word for word but he can also expand and improvise during the delivery of the speech it self. He is also comfortable enough to add extra content to a presentation whenever he feels it is needed. Kyer’s style of public speaking give him a comfortable and an amicable appearance when speaking.

Sino Phoung: Sino’s artistic abilities place him at the top of my illustrator tittle list; hi’s perfectionist personalty allows his work to be near perfect. He is also easy to work with which allows a groups work to be illustrated clearly and unchanged.

Brandon Dellinger: Although I have never worked with Brandon, I have heard that he is stern with his work. He is inquisitive, and rises to challenges. He seems to rarely quit. I would very much like having him in my group.

The world is not perfect, no one is perfect, so the group dynamics explained before rather superficially will most likely never happen. There are people that say that project based learning does not work because some are more motivated than others so the project results is only an average of a group’s effort. That’s the beauty of project based learning, you learn how to work with other complex and delicate people. I’m giving it a try. A Perfect group would be nice for next semester’s project.

As you can see, this assignment is not large, or involved, but it is important. Its the beginning of my next large project and without it I may not be able to complete my project nor complete it with perfection.

If you have any comments or questions about P.B.L., this upcoming project or Little Things please ask!

Little Things is now your window to project based learning.


Teacher Group Qualities


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