The Melting Pot: First Assignment

As a devout student and a foreigner to the United States I refused to stand still and not advance in the language department. I felt like I needed to explore. Thus, I engaged in an Advanced Placement English class once I felt comfortable with my English Skills. I was pushed, I was challenged in that class. I did not learn much about the language there but I did learn much about my self, and my limits In regards to my written English.

I recently found one of the assignments from that Advance Placement class, the first one I ever wrote. The assignment, although random in its topic, summarizes the years of hard work, and the set backs that learning English brought to me.

This assignment marks the end of my English learning effort as pure necessity, and it signals the start of an equally driven effort to learn the language powered by an artistic drive. This essay is the reason why I am writing for you today. I hope you enjoy.

” The Societal Slave: High School

Life brings challenges from which you are able to learn and grow; however, you cannot do so without proper guidance. You must learn how to reap the most benefits from such challenges, and you’re lucky enough that your junior year in High School is coming. Most adults remember their adolescent years, and more than most will agree to not want to relive those treacherous and awkward times. It is a time in which drastic physiological changes occur, in which you find emotional turmoil, in which everyone around you appears troubled; the time in which high school classes become more difficult. Now it is your turn, the time to experience the pain, sadness, disgust, the stress, the highs and the lows, has come; there is no escaping this calamity, so you must learn, and learn well. It is for this reason that you must read the following instructions, not only to merely survive, but to be able to thrive; to find bliss amidst the swarm of flagrant problems; to escape with a grin and a future without bruises or scars.

Master the basics, the fundamental task in order to merely survive. Most would assume that the essentials of any task are generally facile to master; however, in this particular case such task requires strength of mind, self control, discipline, and willpower. If you attain control of the following criteria, you will most likely remain partially free of depression, pain, and stress which are all associated with the Junior year. The task at hand consist of acquiring partial control of your mind, for gaining total control over the changing chemistry and physiology of the brain is nearly impossible. You can only expect to manage the sense of inadequacy, possible mood swings, and your ability to perceive others around you. The latter solely means that you have to learn how to manage your peers’ mood swings, sense of inadequacy, and possible belligerence in a way that will not affect your social status. In other words, know how to avoid “drama”, but learn how not to completely shy away. Although, it is possible for you to behave uninterested in social status, it is best  to be in the middle; not too popular, but not hated (further information will come later.) All of the aforementioned requirements will allow you to cruise unharmed and untouched by the problems that plague some of your peers; furthermore, such will allow you to thrive academically and produce more adequate choices pertaining to class selection and ultimately reap an incredible future.

Class selection is perhaps the most important aspect of high school, for it will define your level of skill pertaining to work ethic, challenge coping, and drive towards gaining the much sought after knowledge; however, to succeed in most advanced classes you will need to conquer the criteria mentioned in the latter paragraph. Furthermore, successful completion of classes such as the dubbed Advanced Placement courses will provide proof to admission officers in the university of your choice that you are capable of managing the workload that such higher education institution might offer. Specifically, you could use AP Language and Composition as an example, for it requires a high level of maturity, skill, determination, and drive. You must be able to control your emotions, better known as mood swings, in order to attain the aforementioned set of skills claim victory over a high mark. For the sake of such high mark, you must also attain auxiliary sources of aid, not necessarily an other teacher, but an internet source from which to gain additional knowledge. This has proved countless of times to provide an edge when attacking an assignment. For example, if you suddenly become privy to an incoming assignment, it would be beneficial for you to gain some knowledge pertaining to the subject at hand. Furthermore, alluding to the aforementioned social status predicament, balance must be found in the class environment. Again, not too popular in which case you would receive unnecessary attention, but not too distant, for you might need one or two of your mood swinging, stress-filled peers for an inquiry or two; balance is key.

Balance must be stricken, for the most complex and difficult task of all is gaining control of the social environment. You must learn how to properly react to social stimuli, otherwise, such stimuli will override any other emotions which ultimately might interfere with the more important aspect of life.
Such stimuli might cause depression, stress, anger, and even belligerent situations that might lead to a larger problem. Luckily, the social aspect of the Junior year has its happy moments as well, but these too might interfere with education and the such; balance is key. When you apply the aforementioned guidelines to your junior year, you might expect to see your social life from another perspective, perhaps a more blissful perspective. You might only experience happy moments, while your peers take the good and the bad in full; consequently, witnessing a drop in grades in classes such a “AP Lang.” If you adhere to the latter mentioned guidelines you might emerge from your Junior year partially unhurt by social tumults which might otherwise cause havoc, not only on your academia, but in your conscious as well.

You might wonder, why such a provocative title? Well, its connotation is justified. If you didn’t have such changes, you would not suffer such societal problems, and without such societal problems, your academic performance might increase in success! Therefore, you can perhaps find it in your mind to infer that the society in which you live in is keeping you from achieving full potential, or perhaps merely making you improvements more difficult to attain, and longer as well; thus keeping you in down. There are other ways to represent such self imposed oppression and certainly other methods of exemplification, but in this case, enslavement is a perfect world. The latter mentioned predicaments play a substantial role in the adolescent such a you, enough to define what you do, and how you do it. Such enslavement is inevitable; however, it is possible to lessen the pain by merely following the aforementioned guidelines.”


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