Project Based Learning: A Student’s Perspective

” I can honestly say this year that my educational experience has been flipped upside down. Project Based Learning has changed almost everything I do as a high school student. I was used to having only textbooks, lectures, teachers giving answers, tests and monotonous homework hours. Now I no longer use only textbooks and teachers as my main source of information. Project Based Learning allows my school to embraced online digital media as its most important source of ideas and information; it was about time education followed the way of technology. Furthermore, I rarely work alone. I work in groups on semester-long projects which culminate in large presentations called Academic Exhibitions. These give me and my peers goals, and something exciting to look forward to.
Project Based LearningThe main issue is the internet. I was taught by my teachers that the internet does not always tell the truth. Based on that using the internet as our infinite library and comprehensive communication tool has brought me skills that allow me and my peers to think independently of what teachers think. During the process of using the internet we learn how to effectively use this powerful tool. We as a group have to be able to tell which sources are credible, which are biased, and what’s truly relevant to our project. Moreover, there is no right or wrong answer in project based learning, rather good answers and better answers. Thus, have to analyze every piece of information that my group finds and synthesize it into a cohesive interdisciplinary project. This allows us and my group to create deep, meaningful,  and original work.
Perhaps the most important part of Project Based Learning is the amount of reading, critical thinking and synthesizing I and my group do.  It helps us to internalize information and make our projects personal. We grapple with information and ideas by doing. We converse, and debate among our group members and teachers. Ultimately, we retain information and concepts for longer periods of time.”

-Northwest Prep Charter School’s Public Relations Team Script.


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