A life in Less than 500 words

           El Salvador is not a country that spoils its middle class, its the country that tortures its spoiled young by slowly taking the things they love. In my case, it took my father’s life and a once youthful middle class life away. It replaced them with a life in the United States and a goal dedicated to making my father’s sacrifice meaningful. It is not easy to leave a life behind or to forget a father, but this pain is my source of motivation. It accompanies me through every obstacle, and is the reason I advance my aspirations into reality.

Blooming moss close up.

Blooming moss close up.

 El Salvador was not a kind place for my youth. My parents were divorced and my mother had to work from dawn to dusk as a doctor; I seldom got to see her. My parents managed to provided a decent life for me; I was spoiled mainly by my father, my main provider of joy and my mentor. However,  the facade that my parents managed to present was not enough to shield me from my country’s problems. My father’s life ended at the hands of El Salvador’s violence, he was killed. My life crumbled. I was forced to move to the United States were my life resurfaced. I arrived with a mission. I had to make my father’s death worth his sacrifice; it became my infinite source of motivation.

           The motivation that my father’s death provided allowed me to develop a goal. I want to follow my mother’s steps into medicine. She was a medical doctor in a rural part of El Salvador, and I was lucky enough to venture into her profession by her side. As a young boy I noticed that despite the long hours she had to travel everyday, and despite her poor wages, she managed to love her job and her patients, whom would often pay her with chickens. I was lucky enough to absorb her passion through the experiences I had in her clinic in that rural part of El Salvador. My mother is now in the United States with my sister and me, but she is not able to practice medicine any longer; it will take years for her to regain her title. I want to recreate her passion and the memories I have of the days I traveled with her to her clinic, and the smiles she received from her patients. I want to recreate the love she felt toward her job. My father’s sacrifice, my source of motivation, will guide me through every step to get there.

            My life experiences have provided me with tools to succeed. My mother gave me the inspirations for my life goal and my father provided the fuel to embark on each step that becoming a doctor requires. I am confident that with the effort my parents inspired, I will succeed. I dedicate that success to them.


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