Life Through Your Eyes

I believe that what we think is true from time to space and from the screen in front of you to the word you’re reading is false.  We are only allowed to see through our brain’s limitations and we construct our lives accordingly. I am curious to know how things actually look like, how life looks like through different eyes. I find it difficult to even imagine a world in which things are different than what I am use to seeing; I have grown accustomed to see in three dimensions for example.  I understand that physics describes how the world looks like, but I’d like to see it through my own eyes.

I can aspire to create a mental image based on what science says, but I always feel unsatisfied. Perhaps my fish tank disappears when I’m not looking at it or maybe I could even see a fourth dimension; who knows!  My fundamental view on my existence would change completely! I’m curious and my mind is simply not wired that way, but I try my best.

It works the same way when I try to put myself in someone else’s shoes, when I try to imagine someone’s pain. I can never be perfect  at it unless I’ve experienced something similar to that person, it is rare. That makes me sympathetic, but that’s not enough. Sympathy does not move social class boundaries, it does not make America fight for the freedom of an other country’s citizens, at least not in modern times. I believe that if we could change perspectives, If we could see the physics of individual humans this world would be a better place.

If only we could see life through another’s eyes…


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