Antigua Guatemala

Natives  I traveled to Guatemala last summer and had the luck to visit Antigua Guatemala. It was the city in which the Spanish Colonizers first settled in the area some 500 years ago, of which only ruins remain.  I found myself walking on one of Antigua’s  pathways, when two little girls caught my attention. These were not normal little girls, they were descendants of Native Guatemalan wearing their native garments. I looked around only to find woman and children of that same nature. It was something unusual for me to see, but it triggered my mind to wonder.
Then and there I became fully aware of Antigua Guatemala’s history, I became aware of the history below my feet.  It was a true breathtaking moment. My mind began to race as it imagined every possible scenario of that distant past. I began to think that I may have been walking the same steps as an oppressed Mayan or a high ranking Spanish Conquistador. I imagined the sorrow of the conquered, and  the sorrow of the little girls’ ancestors.  I stopped and looked at the girls once again and I caught the full presence of Antigua Guatemala. Beneath my feet there laid  rocks that held remnants of the blood, sweat and tears of Native Guatemalans. Antigua Guatemala became a sinister character. The girls began to blend with the colonial houses in the background, they began to blend painfully with the Spanish Architecture built so long ago, at the dusk of Mayan civilization.
The little things often open my eyes, and in this instance such statement did not fail to amaze me.


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